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December 11, 2012
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"I'm not doing it!" You heard Bakura snap and panicked. You ran for the cabinets and opened one. It was fall of messy blankets that looked like someone had just dumped them in there. There was still enough room for you so you climbed in, shut the door and prayed they didn't need a blanket.
"You'll do as I say!" An older and slightly overweight man shouted back, entering the living room.
"Dad, I'm not marrying her just because she has money!" Bakura shouted and you saw that he was an inch taller than his dad through the crack between the cabinet doors.
"You're legally under age so you'll do as I say. I don't care what you've done that makes you think you're big, but this is what I'm saying so you'll do it." Bakura's dad said and sat in the recliner.
"I'll marry someone I love, not someone just to pay for your drinking and gambling addictions!" Bakura screamed, his face becoming red with anger.
"The only women you love are ones who you can pay." Bakura's father spat and Bakura recoiled slightly.
"Mum would never make me do this." Bakura said quietly, picking a picture up off the mantle-piece above a broken gas fire.
"Yes, a mother who loved you so much she left her darling two year-old son with his drunken father." The older man said and knocked the picture from Bakura's hand and it landed in front of the cabinet you were hidden in.
From where you where you could make out the picture. A baby was being cradled by a beautiful, smiling woman with thick, white hair while a slim man smiled too with his arm around her. The woman had Bakura's hair and pointed face while the man had his sharp nose and brown eyes. You realised this must have been Bakura when he was little with his parents.
"You know what? You're a lousy son!" Bakura's father, who was nothing like the man in the picture now, shouted and stormed from the room.
"Where are you going?" Bakura called and you thought you could hear hurt in his voice.
"Where the bloody Hell do you think?" Was all that was said before the door slammed shut.
Bakura sighed. "Pub." he said and fell onto the sofa, placing his elbows on his knees and placed his head in his hands, gripping the roots of his ragged, white hair.
You wanted nothing more than to run out and comfort him but you decided to stay hidden.
After five eternally long minutes, Bakura got up and walked towards the cabinet you were hiding in.
One moment you heart was beating way to loudly and then it stopped when he was right outside picking up the photo.
You pulled a blanket over you in case he decided to look.
"Why did you leave me, Mum?" Bakura whispered.
You whimpered, how could his father be so mean, and then you froze in terror. Surely he heard that!
He did. He opened the cabinet and you could feel his eyes looking in.
Please don't see that I'm here!!! you prayed.
Apparently he didn't because he closed the door and you heard him leave the room followed by the click of a kettle being turned on and a cupboard opening.
You took your chance, opened the cupboard and ran as quietly as you could out of the house.
You ran down the street and collapsed in an alley a few streets away.
Now you had time to think, you realised you were clutching the blanket you'd been hiding under and that it was raining.
You pulled the hood up on your coat and buried your face in the sheet - that had been way too close!
The blanket smelled like Bakura, and for some odd reason, you found it comforting.

You bundled up the sheet, tucked it under your coat and started home, just as your heart rate started returning to normal.
Yeah, I know the end was a little naff but that's all I could think of how to end it, any better suggestions would be welcome!!

So, this chapter was just a little history on Bakura really, and one of those ones where you're thinking 'don't hide in the cupboard!!!!' but, because my writing is predictable, you do! Whoops...

I'm glad people are enjoying this so far, I'm definitely enjoying writing it!

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